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Declarative Phonology

The YorkTalk/IPOX research draws from and contributes to the field of Declarative Phonology (Bird 1991).


  • formalize non-linear (metrical and auto-segmental) phonology
  • add phonology to declarative, constraint-based theories of language (e.g. HPSG)
  • formulate a maximally restrictive theory of phonological well-formedness


  • non-derivational
  • mono-stratal (no levels of representation)
  • non-destructive (no deletion rules)
  • no extrinsic rule ordering
  • surface-based


Differences with Optimality Theory

(Prince and Smolensky 1992)

  • conflicts between constraints are not allowed (but see Ellison 1994)
  • emphasis on computational implementation


Arthur Dirksen / adirksen@prl.philips.nl / January 1995