About the IViE corpus

The audio files and associated materials available through this site constitute the revised and updated version of the IViE corpus. The original IViE website is still available at http://www.phon.ox.ac.uk/old_IViE.

The IViE corpus contains recordings of nine urban dialects of English spoken in the British Isles. Recordings of male and female speakers were made in London, Cambridge, Cardiff, Liverpool, Bradford, Leeds, Newcastle, Belfast in Northern Ireland and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. Three of our speaker groups are from ethnic minorities: we have recorded bilingual Punjabi/English speakers, bilingual Welsh/English speakers and speakers of Carribean descent.

This corpus has been used in two research projects: the IViE project (Intonational Variation in English), which looked at cross-varietal and stylistic variation in English intonation, and the Oxigen project , in which we constructed a statistical computational model of intonation which takes account of variation due to dialect, speaking style, gender and individual speaker habits. The information and audio files provided on this site comprise the revised IViE corpus, which was used in the Oxigen project.