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ESRC Grant R000237145 'Intonation in the British Isles'

Download Page Copyright©2001 E. Grabe and A. Slater, Phonetics Laboratory, University of Oxford.

Please quote the IViE corpus as follows:
Grabe, E., Post, B. and Nolan, F. (2001). The IViE Corpus. Department of Linguistics, University of Cambridge.

Downloadable are

The data from each variety have been subdivided into separate packages, one for each speaking style :

I. Directly comparable read speech data

You can download packages of read sentences and packages of read texts. Sentences: declaratives, WH-questions, questions without morphosyntactic markers, modal questions, coordination structures. Text: the fairy tale Cinderella. To see the stimuli, click here.

II. Semi-spontaneous speech data

You can download packages containing retold versions of the read texts, produced by the same speakers.

III. Interactive speech

Here, you'll find Map task packages and packages containing free conversations. You can compare these data with read speech data produced by the same speaker. For coding of files by speaker, download our help booklet . The Map Task was designed for the purposes of our project. The conversations were produced by single-sex pairs of adolescents talking about smoking. Click here to see the map.


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