Update 22/11/2000

The IViE Corpus

We have completed the recordings for the IViE corpus. The corpus contains speech data from the nine urban varieties of English spoken in the British Isles:

London Jamaican
Bradford Punjabi
Dublin (area: Malahide)


We have labelled the sentence data from five varieties: Cambridge, Leeds, Bradford Punjabi, Newcastle and Belfast (three male and three female speakers from each variety, 5 syntactic structures, 132 sentences per variety). The data are labelled on two orthographic and three prosodic tiers (rhythmic structure, pitch movement, phonological structure). We have almost completed labelling the reading passages (Cinderella) from Cambridge, Belfast and Newcastle.

A Beta Version of the IViE Corpus

We have prepared a beta version of the IViE corpus. The beta version is available via ftp or on CD-ROM. It contains the IViE labelling tool and prosodically labelled data from five varieties of English spoken in the British Isles (Cambridge, Leeds, Bradford Punjabi, Newcastle and Belfast). The data can be viewed in xwaves under UNIX. The IViE labeller can be extracted and applied to other data. If you'd like to have the data, please send us an e-mail.


Grabe, E., Post, B., Nolan, F., and Farrar, K. (2000). Pitch accent realization in four varieties of British English. Journal of Phonetics, pp. 161-186

The following paper will appear in the proceedings of Prosody 2000 (Krakow, Poland, 2-5 October). Grabe, E., Post, B., and Nolan, F. (2000) Modelling intonational variation in English: The IViE system.

Fletcher, J., Grabe, E., and Warren, P. Intonational variation in four dialects of English: the high rising tone. This paper will appear in a volume with papers from the ToBI workshop at ICPhS 1999 in San Francisco. Probably OUP.


Prosody 2000, Krakow, 2-5 October 2000. ISCA Workshop on Prosody. Esther Grabe, Kai Alter (MPI Leipzig) and Hansjoerg Mixdorff (Dresden University of Technology) organised a special session on intonation modelling at Prosody 2000. Brechtje Post gave a talk in this session on behalf of the IViE project (see the Krakow paper in the publications section which follows the IViE labelling guide).

Esther Grabe and Brechtje Post are organising a workshop on how to build prosodic transcription systems from scratch at WAVEip, a workshop on the analysis of varieties of English intonation and prosody which will be held in Wellington, New Zealand in December 2000.