Progress Report 8

Date: 2/07/2001

Publication of the complete set of IViE speech data

The complete set of speech data from the IViE corpus is now available on CD-ROM. The data come in a pack of 5 CDs, and each CD contains data in 5 speaking styles from 6 male and 6 female speakers.

The CD pack comes with a booklet with information about the contents of each CD (e.g. speaking styles, the maps used in the map task, speaker initials, filenames etc.).

We have advertised the availability of the corpus on fonetics, SproSIG and the Linguist List.

On-line version of the IViE Corpus

5/7/2001 The on-line version of the IViE Corpus which allows users to search for and listen to individual speech files from the corpus will go on-line early next week. Additionally, we're now working on an internet download page for the IViE corpus. That page will allow users to download packages of files sorted by variety and speaking style (e.g. Belfast: free conversation or Cambridge: Map task).

Other news

Brechtje Post's contract on the IViE project has run out (end of June 2001). She will be taking up a position in the Experimental Psychology Department in Cambridge from September (NB: The IViE project will come to an end in March next year).

Presentations at conferences

View a selection of PowerPoint slides from the Vitoria-Gasteiz presentation.

Finally, Esther will teach a course on prosodic annotation at the ELSNET Summer school on Text and Speech Corpora in Prague (Czech Republic) this month.