Teaching Bettina Braun

Class in support of the Lecture "Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences" (Michaelmas 2004)

Bettina Braun

Time: Wednesday, 10-11
Location: Common Room, Centre for Linguistics and Philology

Please send exercises by email to bettina[dot]braun[at]phon.ox.ac.uk on the day indicated on the assignment. Please hand in a word-, pdf-, or ps-document containing the solutions and the spss-datafiles used to create them. Please make sure the files contain your initials and the week the exercise was given and send it as an attachment.
To download the spss-datasets, move your mouse-pointer to the link, press the right mouse-button and select "Save Link Target as ...".
If you encouter problems with any of the formats, please let me know!

Class Outline and Material

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