European Science Foundation Network "Tone and Intonation in Europe"

European Science Foundation Network "Tone and Intonation in Europe"

2003 Workshop

Oxford 2-5 April

Experimental Approaches to Tone and Intonation


Wednesday 2 April


Kai Alter, Max Planck Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience, Leipzig:
Neurocognition of Prosody: Methods, first studies and scope for further research

Session Chair: Ian Watson

10.00 — 11.00 Tutorial I: The Application of Event Related Potentials to Research on Prosody.

11:00 — 11.30 Coffee

11:30 — 12.30 Event Related Potentials: Overview of Recent Findings.

12.30 — 15:00 Lunch

Session Chair: Gorka Elordieta

15:00 — 16:00 ERP: Recent Findings continued. Limitations of Research on Prosody using ERP.

16:00 — 16:30 Coffee

16:30 — 17:30 Tutorial II:The Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Research on Prosody.

Tutorial sessions take 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of question time.

17:30 Reception in the Taylor Institute; Music from Voice & Mood (group of singing Oxford linguists)



Session Chair: Elinor Keane

09.30 — 10:15 Shari Speer: Intonational disambiguation in sentence processing.

10.15 — 11.00 Marc Swerts: On the interaction of prosody and word order variation in Dutch verbal endgroups.

11.00 — 11.30 Coffee

11.30 — 12.15 Aoju Chen: Perception of intonational meaning in L2: L1 interference or universal tendencies?

12.15 — 15.00 Lunch

Session Chair: David Patterson

15.00 — 15.45 Svetlana Godjevac and Amalia Arvaniti: Phonological structure and phonetic realization of Serbian pitch accent.

15.45 — 16.45 Coffee and Posters

POSTER: Sam Hellmuth: Revealing the (lack of) deaccentuation within phrases and within sentences in Cairene Arabic: preliminary evidence for cross-linguistic & cross-dialectal prosodic variation.

POSTER: Elinor Keane: Tamil intonation: a preliminary investigation.

POSTER: Brechtje Post: French phrasing and accentuation in different speaking styles.

16.45 — 17.30 Martine Grice and Jonathan Harrington: Tonal Realisation in Two Varieties of German.

18.30 Drinks in Christ Church Picture Gallery; short introduction to the gallery by the Curator


Session Chair: John Coleman

9:30 — 10:15 Bob Ladd: Phonological and Phonetic Factors in F0 alignment: a Review of the Evidence.

10:15 — 11.00 Pilar Prieto: Tonal Alignment Patterns in Clash Conditions in Catalan.

11:00 — 11.30 Coffee

11.30 — 12.15 Mariapaola D’Imperio: An articulatory hypothesis for the alignment of high tonal targets in Italian.

12.15 - 15.15 Lunch

Session Chair: Brechtje Post

15:15 — 16:00 Christiane Ulbrich: Prosodic features of three German standard varieties

16.00 — 16.45 Marina Vigário and Sonia Frota: The intonation of Standard and Northern European Portuguese: A comparative intonational phonology approach.

16.45 — 17.15 Coffee

17:15 — 18.00 Amalia Arvaniti and Svetlana Godjevac: Declination, downstep and final lowering in English and Greek.


In Christ Church:

19:15 Mini-Concert: a selection of European music. Tenor: Philip Fine (a member of the Research Group at the Oxford University Phonetics Laboratory)

20.00 Workshop Dinner


Session Chair: Carlos Gussenhoven

09:30 — 10:15 Chilin Shih: A mathematical intonation model grown from tonal variations.

10:15 — 11.00 Joerg Peters: Tone accents in Cologne and Dueren.

11:00 — 11.30 Coffee

11.30 — 12.15 Aditi Lahiri and Allison Wetterlin: Word status in Norwegian and Swedish.

12.15 Lunch

The afternoon is free.

20.00 Dinner in Christ Church for ESF participants

End of Workshop