Anticipatory coarticulation of labialized velars as a precursor to sound change

Zapotec phonetics meets Indo-European philology. Sound changes of labialized velars to coronals before front vowels are reconstructed for the development of Greek from Indo-European; this paper presents evidence of synchronic variation in production for coarticulatory fronting of labialized velars in front vowel environments.

Presented at Modeling Variability in Speech, Stuttgart, 2015.

British English [kw], [k], and [w] distinction in back round vowel contexts

Corpus data from the Audio British National Corpus was used to compare the acoustics of British English stops with velar and/or labial articulation in onset positions preceding back rounded vowels. Given that all these sounds have labiality and velarity, what cues do listeners rely on to tell them apart?

Presented at International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow, 2015.

Kwod Erat Demonstrandum: an empirical investigation of historical labiovelar developments

A perceptual confusion experiment sheds light on sound changes from 2000 BC. Participant responses to labialized velar, bilabial, velar, and coronal stops obscured by background noise are used to address questions about typologically common sound changes.

Presented at Sound Change in Interacting Human Systems, UC Berkeley, 2014.

Also presented at British Association of Academic Phoneticians Colloquium, Oxford, 2014.

Linear B and the place of Mycenaean in the history of Greek

My undergraduate thesis, from 2010. A discussion of the Linear B writing system, Mycenaean Greek grammar, and how the Linear B tablets have altered our understanding of historical linguistic developments in Indo-European and early Greek.


Phonetics and Historical Sound Change

An invited public lecture, part of a seminar series at Recovering Voices, Smithsonian Institution, 2015.

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