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IPOX uses three types of grammars to analyze input text:

  • syntactic component (syn)
  • morphological component (mor)
  • phonotactic and prosodic component (phon)

The run-time system uses these modules to parse:

  • orthographic words (syn)
  • substrings of a word (mor)
  • characters in a word (phon)


  • each module can be designed and tested separately
  • the syntactic component can be interfaced to the morphological component


  • no interface has yet been defined between syntax/morphology and phonology
  • speech can be generated only from a representation assigned by the phonotactic/prosodic component

Syntax-Morphology interface

  • function words are defined in the lexicon of the syntactic component
  • content words are analyzed by the morphological component


In the example below, adaptable and system are analyzed by the morphological component.

a demo of syn + mor

In order to generate speech for this utterance, we need the structure shown below.

a Application.

Arthur Dirksen / adirksen@prl.philips.nl / January 1995