Experimental Phonetics, Hilary Term 2018
Reading List


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Week 5: Introduction to experiments

Reading: Moll, K. L. and R. G. Daniloff (1971) Investigation of the Timing of Velar Movements during Speech. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 50, 678-684.

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Experimental hygiene

Forced choice: subjects have tacit knowledge and awareness of acoustic cues that they are not explicitly aware of:

West, P. (1999) Perception of distributed coarticulatory properties of English /l/ and /r/. Journal of Phonetics 27, 405-426. http://dx.doi.org/10.1006/jpho.1999.0102

Subjects' behaviour in speech perception experiments is biased by what they think the experiment wants to discover:
Goldinger, S. D. and T. Azuma (2003) Puzzle-solving science: the quixotic quest for units in speech perception. Journal of Phonetics 31, 305-320.

Subjects' behaviour in speech perception experiments is biased by cues in the situation where the experiment is carried out:
Hay, J. and K. Drager (2010) Stuffed toys and speech perception. Linguistics 48 (4), 865–892.

Week 6. Some important speech production experiments.

a) Respiratory activity

Lass ch. 2.

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Videos [available from the lab]: Ohala, J. J. (1993) The whole body plethysmograph in speech research. In M. Stone, ed. (1993) Measuring Speech Production, Part One: Respiration, Phonation and Aerodynamics. Acoustical Society of America.

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b) Phonation

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c) Articulation and coarticulation

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Week 7. Some speech perception experiments.

Lass ch. 8.

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