MSt/MPhil course: Phonetics and Phonology
Michaelmas Term 2017

John Coleman

NB Links to other documents relating to this course will be added incrementally as the course progresses.

Reading list

Week 1: Why study phonetics? Respiration and airstream mechanisms

Introduction to Phonetics

Week 2: (no lecture owing to illness)

Week 3: Phonation categories. Voice, tone, intonation, glottalization
    The vocal tract and larynx
    Phonation exercises
    Prosody 1: Pitch, Tone and Intonation
    Pitch examples

Week 4: (no lecture)

Week 5: Articulation: Vowels and consonants
    Place of articulation
    Place and manner exercises

Week 6: Vowel classification in the IPA: Cardinal Vowels

Week 7: Brain vs. mouth. Coarticulation, multiple articulation, assimilation.

Week 8. Prosody 2: Phonetic correlates of stress. "Everything is prosodic."