MSt/MPhil Phonetics Reading List

Items marked with an asterisk are especially recommended for purchase.

Michaelmas term

*International Phonetic Association (1999) Handbook of the International Phonetic Association. Cambridge University Press.

*Ladefoged, P. (2001) Vowels and Consonants: an introduction to the sounds of languages. Blackwell.

Ladefoged, P. (1993) A Course in Phonetics. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

Gimson, A. C. (1962) An Introduction to the Pronunciation of English. Edward Arnold. There are also several later revised editions edited by Ramsaran and Cruttenden.

Abercrombie, D. (1965) Studies in Phonetics and Linguistics. Oxford University Press. Chapters 1, 3, 4, 11 and 12.

Abercrombie, D. (1967) Elements of General Phonetics. Edinburgh University Press. Chapters 5-10.

Abercrombie, D. (1991) Fifty Years in Phonetics. Edinburgh University Press. Chapter 9.

Jones, D. (1960) An Outline of English Phonetics. Heffer. (Numerous editions at other dates.) Especially chapters XVI (Strong and weak forms), XXVI-XXVIII (Assimilation, Rhythm), XXXII (Syllabification) and Appendix A (Transcription).

Hilary term

Catford, J. C. (1977) Fundamental Problems in Phonetics. Edinburgh University Press.

Fry, D. B. (1979) The Physics of Speech. Cambridge University Press.

*Johnson, K. (1997) Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics. Blackwell.