Pitch examples

1. Pitch and length in Croatian ("pitch accent")

Long falling

Short falling
Listen to Croation tek 'appetite' : k tek `appetite'
Listen to Croation tek 'only' têk tek `only'

Long rising

Short falling
Listen to Croatian vile 'fairies' V ǐ: le vile `fairies'
Listen to Croatian vile 'hayfork' V île vile `hayfork'
Listen to Croatian duga 'rainbow' : g a duga `rainbow'
Listen to Croatian duga 'stave' g a duga `stave'


Listen to Croatian kuca 'of the houses' : tca: kuća `houses' (gen.)
Listen to Croatian kuca 'a house' kûtca kuća `a house'

2. Lexical tone in Cantonese

High level Listen to Cantonese 'silk' síí `silk'
Mid level Listen to Cantonese 'to try' sii `to try'
Low-mid level Listen to Cantonese 'matter' sìì `matter'
Low fall Listen to Cantonese 'time' siì `time'
High rise Listen to Cantonese 'history' sií `history'
Low rise Listen to Cantonese 'city' sìi `city'


i) Transcribe
the intonation of the following two sentences of Kassem, a language of Ghana (W. Africa). The sentences are written here in the normal orthography of Kassem. (As well as listening to the whole sentences, you can click listen a word or two at a time by clicking on them.) Also, mark out the various phonation types employed in these utterances.

Listen to sentence 1 Sentence 1: Avio di Awia mo magi nikantO gO si ba biri dam.
Listen to sentence 2 Sentence 2: Kanto manŋa ni mo chovelo makia di o wwaro garivoO .

ii) Read
Ladefoged chapter 2.