Janet Breckenridge Pierrehumbert

May 17, 2015



Linguistics Department
2016 Sheridan Road
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL 60208

Phone: 1-847-491-8058 Fax: 1-847-491-3770

Home Page: http://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/~jbp/


Ph.D., Linguistics,  MIT, 1980. Minor field: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

Dissertation Title: The Phonology and Phonetics of English Intonation.

A.B, Linguistics, Harvard University 1975. Summa cum laude. Phi Beta Kappa.  Minor field: Mathematics.


Current appointments:

Professor of Language Modeling, Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford.

Adjunct Professor, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University.

Adjunct Professor, New Zealand Institute of Language Brain and Behaviour, University of Canterbury,  2012


Previous appointments:

Professor, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University, 1993—2015; Director of Graduate Studies, 2004--2014.


Professor by Courtesy, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northwestern University, 12/2002—2015.


Faculty, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, 2013.


Wender-Lewis Research and Teaching Professor, Northwestern, 2005-2008.

Faculty, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, June-July 2005.


Visiting scholar, Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, École Normale Supérieure and École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, 2003-2004.

Poste Rouge, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 1/97--3/97.

Visitor, École Nationale Superieure des Télécommunications, Paris, 1996-7.

Faculty, LOT (Dutch post-graduate school of linguistics), University of Nijmegen, 1/97.


Astor Visiting Lecturer, Oxford University, 1995.


Chair, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University, 1993-1997.

Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University, 1989-1993.

Faculty, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, 1993.

Member of Technical Staff, Dept. of Linguistics and Artificial  Intelligience Research,  AT&T Bell Laboratories, 1982-89.

Visitor, Dept. of Speech Transmission and Music Acoustics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 1987-88.

Faculty, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, 1986.

Consulting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, Stanford Univ., 1984-85.

Research Associate, Center for Cognitive Science, MIT, 1980-82.

Consultant, Dept. of Linguistics and Speech Analysis, AT&T Bell Labs, 1980-82.



Edward Sapir Professor, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute 2013 (Ann Arbor, Michigan).


Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society (Class of 2013).


Fellow of the Linguistic Society of American (Class of 2012).


Erskine Fellowship, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, June-August 2010.

Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Class of 2004).


Erskine Fellowship, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, June-August 2003.

Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1996--.

Invited to the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 1997 (postponed).

American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship, 1979-80.

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1976-1979.

Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1975-76.



Pierrehumbert (PI) and J. Hay (co-PI). Creativity and Cooperation in the Dynamics of the Lexicon: from Lexis to Logos. John Templeton Foundation. 12/1/2012 - 11/30/2015. $2,734,477.  Also known as “The Wordovators Project”.


Pierrehumbert (co-PI), N. Morgan (PI, International Computer Science Institute), D. Ellis (co-PI, Columbia Univ.) E. Fosler-Lussier (co-PI, Ohio State Univ.) M. Ostendorf (co-PI, Univ. of Washington).  Spoken Wordsearch with Rapid Development and Frugal Invariant Subword Hierarchies. IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency).   Northwestern baseline period and Option period 1 subcontracts: $418,636. 3/4/2012 - 7/4, 2014.


Pierrehumbert (PI) Horton (coPI, Psych), Katsaggelos (coPI, EECS), Wu (coPI, EECS). Audio-visual databases and architectures for improving recognition of reduced wordforms, Motorola Corporation, 9/2007-8/2010, $180,000.

Pierrehumbert (PI) and M. West (coPI, Tiz Media Foundation), Speech and the Cell Phone: An Experiential Learning Project. Innovation Generation Program, Motorola Foundation, $49,791.00, 10/2007-12/2008.

Perception and Representation of Dialect Variation. NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Service Award, 7/1/05 -- 6/30/06 (Sponsor for individual post-doc to Cynthia Clopper. Joint with Ann Bradlow).

Pierrehumbert (PI) Dynamics and Metastability in Phonological Grammar, James S. McDonnell Foundation, $244,206, 1/2003--12/2008.

Pierrehumbert (PI) Phonetic Foundations of Scansion. John Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, $29,000. 1996-7.

Pierrehumbert (PI) Experimental and Computational Studies of Word Phonology, NSF Faculty Awards for Women Scientists and Engineers, Grant No. BNS-9022484, $250,000, 1991-1996.

Pierrehumbert (PI) Intonation and Voice Source Characteristics,” NSF US-Sweden Cooperative Science Program, Grant No. INT-8712375, $9,250, 1988.

Pierrehumbert (PI) The Use of Intonation in Automatic Speech Understanding, NSF Information Science and Technology Program, Grant No. IST-8012248, $50,000, 1980-82.



Spinoza Selection Committee, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, 2015-2018.


Advisory committee,  NWAV 43 (New Ways of Analyzing Variation 43). University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014.


Founding member, Association for Laboratory Phonology (professional association incorporated in 2010).


Co-organizer,  Illinois Speech Day. 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 (with UIUC and Toyota  Technological Institute).


Co-organizer,  Speech Prosody 2010. (Chicago, May 2010; with UIUC Beckman Institute and Toyota Technological Institute).


External Advisory Board, Beckman Institute, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009 –.


Editorial Board, LiLT (Linguistic Issues in Language Technology) 2007—2014.

Associate Editor,  Language, 2003-2005.

Steering Committee, Laboratory Phonology Conference Series, 1996--; Chair, 2003-04.

Advisory Editor, Oxford Surveys in Generative Phonology. 2000--.

Member of the Board of Experts, Phonetics Chair, University of Stockholm, 1999.

Co-organizer, Fifth Conference on Laboratory Phonology.  Northwestern Univ. July 1997.

Program Review Committee, UCLA Dept. of Linguistics, Jan. 1993.

Associate/Advisory EditorJ. of Phonetics, 1989 – 2011.    

Executive Board, The ACL-MIT Press Series in Natural  Language Processing, 1989-91.

Editorial BoardComputational Linguistics, 1986-1988.

Advisory Board, MIT Press Series on Cognitive Theory and Mental Represention.



Director, Language and Cognition Program, Northwestern University, 2009—2014.


Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Linguistics, 1999 and 2004—2014.


Linguistics Representative to the Faculty Senate, Northwestern, 2011—2014.


Director, Language Music and Communication Group, Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems, 2004—2011.

Executive Committee, Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems, 2005--2011.


Steering Committee, Mathematics Excellence at Northwestern Univ. (MENU), 2006—2010.


Personnel Committee, Mathematics Department, Northwestern Univ. 2006--2008, 2009—2014.

Steering Committee, French Interdisciplinary Group, 2005--2010.

Internal Reviewer, Department of Philosophy Program Review, 2004.

British Fellowships Committee 2002 -- 2004.

Panelist, Northwestern University Internal Review Board, 2001-03.

Chair, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University, 1993-1996.

Cognitive Science Program Committee, 1995-96.

University Research Grants Committee, 1990-1994.


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Example-based learning and the dynamics of the lexicon. Plenary address, Linguistic Society of America, 1/2011.

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Postdoctoral Advisor (with current position).

Peter Racz (current) Postdoc on Wordovators Project, New Zealand Institute of Language Brain and Behavior. Co-advised with Jen Hay.

Clayton Beckner (current) Postdoc on Wordovators Project, New Zealand Institute of Language Brain and Behavior. Co-advised with Jen Hay.

Eduardo Altmann (2008-2009).  (Group leader, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden) Co-advised with Adilson Motter,  Northwestern Univ. Physics.


Andrea Sims, Post-doc (2006-2008) (Asst. Prof. of Slavic, Ohio State Univ.)


Cynthia Clopper (2005-6). (Assoc. Prof. of Linguistics and Assoc. Director, Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Ohio State University). Co-advised with Ann Bradlow.


Katy Carlson (2001-2003) Assoc. Prof. of English, Morehead State University.


Fred Cummins (1997-8) (College Lecturer, University College Dublin School of  Computer Science and Informatics.)


Kim Silverman (1986-87) (Principal Research Scientist; Manager of Spoken Language Technologies, Apple Inc.)


Shirley Steele (1986) (Independent new media artist.)


Mary E. Beckman (1984-85) (Distinguished Professor of Linguistics, Ohio State University).


Chair of Ph.D Dissertation committee:

Samantha Gett Heidenreich (in progress) The intonation of disjunctive and interrogative constructions.

Peter Baumann (in progress) Pragmatic conventions in cooperative and non-cooperative settings.

R. Alexander Schumacher (in progress) Complex lexical entries in syntax and the lexicon.

Jeremy Needle (in progress) Lexical and sociolinguistic factors in morphological productivity.

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Member of Committee for “Habilitation a Diriger les Recherches (France)

Albert Rilliard (2014)

Christophe d’Allesandro (1997).

Member of Ph.D Dissertation Committee:

Honglei Wang (Linguistics, 2012)


Nattalia Paterson (Linguistics, 2011)


Rachel Baker (Linguistics, 2010).

Youngeun Lee (Linguistics, 2006)

Jessica Peterson Hicks (Linguistics, 2006)

Tessa Bent (Linguistics, 2005)

Rachide Ridouane (Université de Paris III, 2003)

Xuejing Sun (Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2002) 


Saundra Wright (Linguistics, 2001)

Linda DiDesidero (Linguistics, 1999)

Grace Song (Linguistics, 1997)

Gerald Corrigan (EECS, 1996)

Talke MacFarland (Linguistics, 1995)

Mari Olsen (Linguistics, 1994)

Betty Birner (Linguistics, 1992)

Andrea Simonsen (Communication Sciences and Disorders, 1991)

Chair of MA Committee:

Karen Chu (2013) Investigating novel word blends using Games with a Purpose.

Lisa Hesterberg (2012) Building a predictive model of the Arabic broken plural.

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Chair of Undergraduate Honors Thesis Committee:

A. Gooch (2006) The Role of Reduced Vowel Durations in the Perception of Foreign Accents in French and English. (Linguistics).

S. Corrado (1994) An experimental study of stress on Russian nonwords. (Linguistics).


Linguistics 300: Topics in Linguistics. Prosody and Intonation.

Linguistics 336 Words, Networks and the Internet.

Linguistics 350 Fundamentals of Laboratory Phonology.

Linguistics 361 Morphology.

Linguistics 450-1 Laboratory Phonology I.

CMN 401 Companion seminar to the Language and Cognition colloquium series.


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