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Phonetics Laboratory
Faculty of Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics

Past members

Name (Former) position Current/last known occupation
Dr Peggy Renwick

Research Associate; Departmental Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology

Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the Universty of Georgia, USA.
Dr Ladan Ravary Research Associate  
Dr Greg Kochanski Research Fellow Software Engineer, Google

Dr Anastassia Loukina

Research Associate Associate Research Scientist, ETS
Sergio Grau Research Associate Technical Project Officer (Media) at University of Oxford IT Services
Dr Christina Orphanidou Research Associate, 2005-2008 Founder of Oxygen Research, Cyprus
Dr Elinor Keane Research Associate & Junior Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology 2001-02 Mother and teacher
Dr Eleanor Lawson Junior Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology, 2003-2007 Research Fellow in the Speech and Hearing Sciences Department at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Dr Esther Grabe Research Fellow, 2003-2007  
Andrew Slater IT Manager, 1994-2005 Commercial pilot
Dr Harriet Nock Research Fellow, 2005-2006  
Dr Bettina Braun Research Associate, 2004-2005 Professor, University of Konstanz, Germany
Dr David Patterson Junior Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology, 2002-3 Rowing coach at Iona College, New Rochelle, USA
Dr Thomas Griffiths Research Collaborator, 1999-2000 Coordinator, Responsible Finance Programme, Forest Peoples Programme
Dr Joanna Przedlacka Visiting doctoral research student from University of Warsaw, 1997-1999 Research Associate, University of Oxford
Dr Amalia Arvaniti Junior Research Fellow, 1991-4 Professor of Linguistics, University of Kent
Dr Yetunde Laniran Research Assistant, 1992  
Frances Morphy Research Officer (Publications), 1987-9 Fellow, Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, Australian National University
Dr Chris de Silva Research Assistant, 1989  
Marianne McCormick Research Officer, 1987-1988  
Dr Franz Seitz Research Officer, 1986-1988  U.S. Foreign Service Officer (retired)
Christopher Clark Research Assistant, 1985-1987  
Ceri Carlill Research Assistant, 1984-1985  
Dr R.A.W. Bladon University Lecturer in Phonetics and first Director of the Laboratory, 1980-1990