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Professor Elinor Payne

Professor of Phonetics and Phonology

Fellow of St Hilda's College

College Lecturer at Oriel College

Address Phonetics Laboratory, University of Oxford, 41 Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JF, United Kingdom
Email takes the form firstname.surname@phon.ox.ac.uk




My overarching research interest is in speech variation - how it arises, what shapes it and how speakers use it - and its relationship to phonological structure. Within this framework, I've worked on aspects of timing in speech (including lexical and postlexical gemination, prosodic timing and speech rhythm), and on other aspects of prosody, for a range of languages, including infants' acquisition of these.

My current research investigates prosodic and phonetic variation and convergence arising from historic and contempory multilingualism and linguistic contact. I also work on the effects of speech context on prosody, and, more recently, on its interaction with gesture in a multimodal framework.

Current projects

Other recent projects


From October 2021 I shall be on research leave for two years, so I shall not be teaching during this period (except for doctoral research students).


Research supervision

I supervise doctoral and Masters students in topics related to speech prosody, phonetic variation, and contact phonetics. I will be taking new students from October 2023 onwards.