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(Note: Only theses, and volumes published by the Phonetics Laboratory itself, are listed here. For publications by individuals who work or who have worked in the Phonetics Laboratory, please refer to their personal web pages.)


Here we present a number of DPhil theses by former students in the Phonetics Laboratory, as well as a few others from elsewhere. In every case, the authors have given us permission to publish them openly here.

Michael Broe


Specification Theory – The Treatment of Redundancy in Generative Phonology


Jana Dankovičová 1998 The Linguistic Basis of Articulation Rate Variation in Czech  

Elinor Keane


Echo words in Tamil


Ken Lomax


The Analysis and Synthesis of the Singing Voice


Joanna Przedlacka


Estuary English – A Sociophonetic Study

Catherine Sangster


Inter- and Intra-Speaker Variation in Liverpool English: A Sociophonetic Study


Paula West 2000 Long-Distance Coarticulatory Effects of English /l/ and /r/  







Working Papers


Five volumes of working papers were published from 1986-1992 under the title PROPH (Progress Reports from Oxford Phonetics). Some copies of these still remain, and may be obtained upon request by emailing or writing to the Secretary of the Phonetics Laboratory (see http://www.phon.ox.ac.uk/contacts).

Since 1996, working papers from the Phonetics Laboratory have been published as occasional volumes of the Oxford University Working Papers in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics. Volumes 1, 5, 8 and 12 are from the Lab, and may be obtained by emailing or writing to the Secretary of the Phonetics Laboratory, or for some volumes, downloading them.

Volume 1, 1996:

Coleman, Declarative syllabification in Tashlhit Berber.

Dankovičová, Does articulation rate have a specific domain of variability? 

Dirksen and Coleman, All-prosodic speech synthesis.

Li, The four grades: An interpretation from the perspective of Sino-Altaic contact.

Lomax, The development of a singing synthesiser.

Stuart-Smith, Phonetic contraints on breathy voices stops as a cause of their diachronic development.

Watson, The effects of bilingualism on the acquisition of VOT and F0 cues to the voicing contrast.

Volume 5, 2000:

Coleman, Improved prediction of stress in out-of-vocabulary words.

Grabe, Post and Watson, Acoustic correlates of rhythm in English and French four-year-olds.

Przedlacka, Estuary English: glottaling in the Home Counties.

Reynolds, Word-initial gemination in Tamil.

Rosner, López-Bascuas and Fahey, Voice-onset times for Castilian Spanish initial stops.

Sangster, Lenition of alveolar stops on Liverpool English.

Watson and Hajek, A perceptual basis for the foot parameter in the development of distinctive vowel nasalization.

West, Long-distance co-articulatory effects of British English /l/ and /r/: an EMA, EPG and acoustics study.

West, Slater Coleman and Cortina Borja, Reaction time in phoneme monitoring varies with segment duration.

Volume 8, 2003:

Coutsougera, The Cypriot Greek Syllable.

Grabe and Karpinski, Universal and Language-Specific Aspects of Intonation in English and

Keane, Word-Level prominence distinctions in Tamil.

Nicholson and Teig, How to tell beans from farmers: cues to the perception of pitch accent in whispered Norwegian.

Post, French phrasing and accentuation in different speaking styles.

Rosner, Grabe, Nicholson, Owen and Keane, Prosody, Memory Load, and Memory for Speech.

Watson and Hajek, Cross-Linguistics study of the effect of suprasegmental features
conditioning the development of nasal vowels.

Plus four papers on computational linguistics by Kazakov and Dobnik, Liakata, Pulman and Sukkarieh, and Wright.

Volume 12, 2009:

Kochanski, Using Mimicry to Learn about Phonology.

Loukina, Phonetic Variation in Spontaneous Speech: Vowel and Consonant Reduction in Modern Green Dialects.

Mani, The Role of Prosodic Prominence in Disambiguating Word Pairs.

O'Neill, S-Aspiration and Occlusives in Andalusian Spanish: Phonetics or Phonology?

Parker Jones and Coleman, Is Speech Rate Lexical?

Parker Jones and Mayor, The Hawaiian Passive, A Neural Network Simulation.

Payne, Post, Astruc, Prieto and del Mar Vanrell, Rhythmic Modification in Child Directed Speech.

Temple, (t,d): the Variable Status of a Variable Rule.

Watson, Accentual Patterns in the Spoken French of the Early 20th Century.