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Related sites

IPA fonts and chart

IPA chart (International Phonetic Association)
A Sound Reference to the IPA (Dept. of Linguistics, NTNU) -- a clickable IPA chart with embedded audio
Handbook of the International Phonetic Association (Dept. of Linguistics, UVic)
OUPL guide to phonetic fonts

On-line phonetics and phonology courses

Speech analysis tutorial (University of Lund)
On-line phonology course (University of Stirling)
Cours de phonétique (Université de Lausanne)
Original recording of the cardinal vowels by Daniel Jones (Utrecht University)

Speech synthesis

The festival speech synthesis system (CSTR)
Articulatory synthesis (Haskins Laboratories)
Speech Synthesis Resources (Jon Iles, University of Birmingham)

Mailing lists and discussion forums

fonetiks -- mailing list for 'foNETiks', a monthly newsletter about meetings and job vacancies.
SIGPHON -- Special Interest Group on Computational Phonology.
The Linguist List