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IPOX versus YorkTalk

Development history

Related developments

  • French version of YorkTalk (Eric Keller, Switzerland)
  • SynPhonics Concept-To-Speech system (Günther et al 1994)

Differences with YorkTalk

  • separate rule compiler (clear separation of linguistic rules and procedural algorithms)
  • metrical tree as central data structure (YorkTalk does not take full advantage of metrical structure)
  • rule formalism allows rule developer to state generalizations across phrase structure rules separately by means of rule templates

Current limitations

  • development of IPOX has not progressed as far as YorkTalk
  • rules for synthesis of British English mono-syllables from an earlier version of YorkTalk ("Oxford version")
  • rules for polysyllabic words and utterances rather preliminary



Arthur Dirksen / adirksen@prl.philips.nl / January 1995