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Examples of the most common tunes in the IViE corpus (read sentences)

These audio clips accompany the diagrams in the fact sheet, "Intonational Variation in English", which can be downloaded from here.

(Click on the sentences to hear the audio.)

Newcastle female
We\ were in ye\llow.

Cambridge male
May I lean\ on the rai\lings?

Leeds female
We\ live in E\aling.

London female
We arri\ved in a li\mo.

Belfast female
May\ I lean on the rai/lings?

Belfast male
You remem\bered the li/lies?

Bradford female
Why\ are we in a li/mo?

Newcastle male
We li\ve in Ea/ling?

(with two rises)
Belfast female
A\re you growing li/mes, or le/mons?

Belfast male
We arri/ved in a li/mo.

Belfast male
May\ I lea/n on the rai/lings?