ICT Strategy

ICT Tools for Searching, Annotation and Analysis of Audiovisual Media


  Type of material
Computer media blog blog
The Imperial War Museum's Collections Online online catalogue
The JISC digitisation programme website with links to projects
Newsfilm Online newsreels and video broadcasts (streaming video clips)
BBC radio "listen again" spoken word
British Library Sound Archive catalogue with some streaming audio
Presto media preservation project text website
Oxford University's Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama text website
The Black and Ethnic Minority Experience Project spoken word (streaming video)
Survey of English Dialects
spoken word (streaming audio)
Millenium Memory Bank spoken word (streaming audio)
Performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company (British Library) spoken word (streaming audio)
Podcasts of recent sermons from St George's Church, Leeds spoken word (mp3 podcasts)
EDiNA "Film and Sound Online"
Culverhouse Classical Music Collection recorded music (downloads)
Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project, University of California, Santa Barbara recorded music and speech (streaming audio and downloads)
uploaded home-made video clips (streaming video)
Moving History (AHRB Centre for British Film and Television Studies) archive films (streaming video)
Prelinger Archives archive films (streaming video)
CNN Image Source archive film (subscription service, with some demo streaming video)
The Moving Image Collections portal
Arts and Humanities Data Service  
Astronomical Data Centre  
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