Peter Chew's Curriculum Vitae

Personal details:

Date of birth
18 February, 1970
Place of birth
Johannesburg, South Africa
South African

Other personal information:

I am married and have a son who was born in September 1998. Because my wife is a US citizen, it should be straightforward for me to obtain the right to work in the USA.


Current occupation:

In September 1996, after two years in industry (see below) I returned to the University of Oxford for three years to commence work on a D. Phil. (the Oxford equivalent of Ph. D.) I am working under the supervision of Dr John Coleman. For more information about my doctoral work, click here.

I also currently teach two undergraduate courses, one in Phonetics and Phonology, and the other in Russian language. I have also taught Polish language.

Right is a picture of me outside the University of Oxford Phonetics Laboratory.

Picture of Peter Chew outside Oxford University Phonetics Laboratory

Previous employment:

From September 1994 to September 1996 I worked for Price Waterhouse (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in auditing and business advisory services. My time was divided between the firm's offices in Windsor, England, and Moscow, Russia. During my time in the Moscow office I worked on the audit of RAO Gazprom, a company which accounts for about 25% of world gas production, and represents about 8% of Russia’s GNP. I am part-qualified as a chartered accountant.

Outside interests:

My interests include music composition, hiking and travelling. Of necessity, I still keep up with my accountancy skills by completing annual tax returns for both myself and my wife, and for both the USA and the UK!


Chew, P.A. Forthcoming. A comparative computational evaluation of three theories of Russian stress. To appear in Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics VIII.

Presentations given at conferences:

Chew, P.A. A computational evaluation of Halle's theory of Russian stress assignment. Paper presented at the 6th Manchester Phonology Meeting, University of Manchester, 1998.

Chew, P.A. A computational account of word-stress in Russian. Poster presentation at the Student Phonology Workshop of the LSA Linguistic Institute, Cornell University, 1997.

Chew, P.A. A computational account of syllabification in Russian. Paper presented at the 6th Manchester University Postgraduate Linguistic Conference, 1997.

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