Born: Cape Town, 21st June 1973
Nationality: South African

2000 DPhil Linguistics (Oxon)
1997 MPhil Linguistics (Oxon)
1995 BSc(Hons) Mathematics (Cape Town)
1994 BA(Hons) Linguistics (Cape Town)

Postgraduate Scholarships and Awards
1997-2000 CSD prestige overseas doctoral scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship, Senior Scholarship at Christ Church, Oxford.
1995-7 Patrick and Margaret Flanagan Scholarship, Lestrade Scholarship, Max & Lille Sonnenberg Scholarship, Overseas Research Student Award.

Teaching and Research Experience
1999 Lecturing in Phonetics for the Linguistics Department, Cambridge.
Lecturing in English Phonetics and Phonology for the English Faculty, Oxford.
1999-date Demonstrator at Oxford University Computing Services
1998 Lecturing in Phonetics and Phonology for the Sub-faculty of Linguistics, Oxford.
1996-date Tutoring in Phonetics and Phonology for Modern Languages Prelims, English Mods, Human Sciences Final Honours, Oxford.
1996-7 Demonstrator, Graduate Experimental Phonetics Seminar, Oxford.
1995 Part-time Teaching Assistant (Lecturing Syntax I), Department of Linguistics, UCT.
1994 Research Assistant in Cape Archives Depot, Department of Linguistics, UCT.
1993-4 Part-time Research Assistant: Language Translation Project, Department of Mathematics, UCT.
1993 Mathematics Demonstrator, first year mathematics, UCT.

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