Phonetics course handouts and online resources

for undergraduate courses

Michaelmas Term: Introduction to Phonetics

(For the Hilary Term course on Acoustic Phonetics, click here)


Course outline

Reading list

Introduction to Phonetics

The vocal tract and larynx Articulation: Vowels and consonants Cardinal vowels

Multiple Articulation and Coarticulation

Secondary and double articulation exercises
Prosody (Suprasegmentals)
Prosody examples
Phonetics vs. Phonology

Hilary Term: Acoustic Phonetics

1. Introduction to Acoustic Phonetics

Why should linguists study acoustic phonetics?
We speak in order to be heard

Introduction to speech acoustics 1

Link to University of Wisconsin Dept. of Neurophysiology page on basics of sound

Variations in air pressure

2. Introduction to acoustics 2