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Phonetics research themes

The Phonetics Research Group at Oxford is engaged in a wide range of research themes related to speech and language, including speech synthesis, computational phonology, the neurology of speech production, vocal tract imaging and the analysis and modelling of intonation in English. Click on the links below to find out about each theme.




Our research in these areas is largely supported by externally-funded research grants. Past awards are:

  • Using neologisms to test theories of speech production. £356,593 from ESRC to G. Kochanski and J. Coleman. 1/9/08-31/3/11.
  • Comparing dialects using statistical measures of rhythm. £284,099 from ESRC to G. Kochanski and E. Keane. 1/8/08-31/10/10.
  • AMENPRO: Automated metrics for the evaluation of non-native prosody. British Council France, to A. Loukina. 2010.
  • Mining a Year of Speech. £100,000 from JISC to J. Coleman (matched by an award from NSF to M. Liberman). 1/1/10-30/6/11.
  • Word joins in real-life speech: a large corpus-based study. £543,700 from ESRC to J. Coleman, G. Kochanski, R. Temple and J. Yuan. 1/11/10-31/10/13.
  • Project Bamboo: An international collaboration to advance Humanities research through developing shared technological services. US$131,941 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to J. Coleman.