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ICT Tools for Searching, Annotation and Analysis of Audiovisual Media

LINK TO http://www.phon.ox.ac.uk/files/apps/avtools/

This report is the result of a 1-year joint project between Lancaster University and the University of Oxford.  The goal of the project was to inform the Arts and Humanities Research Council about:

  1. The current state of computer-related activity in the arts and humanities,
  2. Requirements of the research community, and
  3. The likely course of future developments.

Our project was focussed on Audio-Visual media (e.g. speech, music, and videos primarily). It discusses technologies for searching and annotating these media. We looked forward to technologies that would be available to the typical researcher in the next few years, limiting ourselves to things that exist at least in the form of applied research.  We looked at what researchers currently do with audio-visual materials, and explored some scenarios for what they might do if upcoming technologies were available.

The project was funded by the "ICT in Arts and Humanities Research Program", by the United Kingdom's Arts and Humanities Research Council. It ended 30 September 2006.