MSt/MPhil course: Phonetics and Phonology
Michaelmas Term 2018

John Coleman

NB Links to other documents relating to this course will be added incrementally as the course progresses. The plan below only sets out classes for 7 weeks, but in practice it tends to stretch out to take 8 weeks to deliver, so we'll see how it goes.

Reading list

Week 1: Why study phonetics? Respiration and airstream mechanisms (handout)
Introduction to Phonetics
In this course ...
The International Phonetic Alphabet
Speech vs. Writing
Respiration and air-stream mechanisms
Airstream mechanism exercises

Week 2: Phonation categories. Voice, tone, intonation, glottalization
The vocal tract and larynx
Phonation exercises

Week 3: Prosody 1: Pitch, Tone and Intonation
Pitch examples

Week 4: Articulation: Vowels and consonants
Place of articulation
Place and manner exercises

Week 5: Vowel classification in the IPA: Cardinal Vowels
MRI images of some British English vowels
Problems in the description of vowels

Week 6: Brain vs. mouth. Coarticulation, multiple articulation, assimilation.
Timing and sequencing in consonants and vowels
Secondary and double articulation practise

Week 7-8. “Everything is prosodic.”
Prosody 2: Phonetic correlates of stress.
Parametric description and long-domain features.
Exercises: Length contrasts
Holiday homework