Phonetics course handouts and online resources

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Michaelmas Term: Introduction to Phonetics

(For the Hilary Term course modules on dynamic phonetics and acoustic phonetics click here)


Course outline

Reading list

Introduction to Phonetics

The vocal tract and larynx Articulation: Vowels and consonants Cardinal Vowels [pdf]

Hilary Term 2007

Dynamic Phonetics

Week 1. Multiple Articulation and Coarticulation

Secondary and double articulation exercises
Week 2. No lecture.

Week 3. Timing and sequencing in consonants and vowels

Week 4. Prosody (Suprasegmentals)
Prosody examples

Weeks 5-8: Acoustic Phonetics. Lecturer: Katya Samoylova

(Ignore the incorrect lecture dates on these handouts: they are copied from last year!)

Week 5. Lecture notes

Week 5. Practical notes

    How microphones work

Week 6. Lecture notes

Week 6. Practical notes

Week 7. Lecture notes

Week 7. Practical notes

Week 8. Lecture notes