Comparative Intonational Phonology: English and Germany

Intonational Phonology: English and German

Esther Grabe

Doctoral Dissertation, Max-Planck-Institut for Psycholinguistics and University of Nijmegen. Copyrightę1998 E. Grabe

Supervisors: Anne Cutler, Carlos Gussenhoven

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction and Background

Chapter 2 Preliminaries (i.e. experimental methods etc.)

Chapter 3 The intonation of Northern Standard German

Chapter 4 Northern Standard German and Southern British English

Chapter 5 Pitch accent accommodation effects (i.e. truncation and compression)

Chapter 6 Downtrends

Chapter 7 Summary and conclusion

Appendices A-D1

Appendices D2-E


Dutch summary

Short CV