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Professor Alan Cruttenden


Prof CruttendenPosition: Emeritus Professor of Phonetics, University of Manchester; Fellow of the Phonetics Laboratory, University of Oxford

Email:  cruttenden7@btinternet.com

Research interests: Comparative intonation, child language, phonetics of English, writing systems

Recent publications:

  • 'The de-accenting of old information: a cognitive universal?' (2006). In G Bernini and M L Schwartz, Pragmatic organisation in the languages of Europe.
  • 'Intonational diglossia: a case study of Glasgow' (2007). Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 37, 257-274.
  • Gimson's pronunciation of English. Seventh edition (2008). London: Hodder Education.
  • ‘Using MRI to see English sounds and their overlap’ (2013) In B. Cubrovic (ed.), Focus on English Phonetics. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishers (UK).
  • Gimson's pronunciation of English. Eighth edition (2014). London: Routledge. Associated material at General British.
  • 'A note on accent placement in idioms' (2017). Journal of the English Phonetic Society of Japan, 21, 31-34.
  • Writing systems and phonetics. (2021). London: Routledge.