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Past graduates of the Phonetics Laboratory



Date Thesis title Occupation
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Dr Rosemary Hall

DPhil 2018

Staging Language in Bermuda: phonology and parodic performance of Bermudian English Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Language and Literature, University of Trondheim
Dr Michael Ashby DPhil 2016 Experimental phonetics in Britain, 1890–1940 Retired. Honorary Senior Lecturer, Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences, University College, London
Dr Helena Beeley DPhil 2016 The Phonetics of Labialized Velars in Ancient Greek  
Dr Zeynab Raeesy

DPhil 2014

Automatic Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Images of Speech Articulation Now Senior Research Engineer at Nuance Communications

Dr Heidi Kurtz

DPhil 2012 Stress, Etymology, and Metre in Four Canterbury Tales Now a Senior Development Executive – Museums and Collections, University of Oxford
Dr `Oiwi Parker Jones DPhil 2010 A Computational Phonology and Morphology of Hawaiian Now a Postdoc, Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain, and Research Fellow, Jesus College Oxford
Dr Ranjan Sen DPhil 2009 Syllable and Segment in Latin Now Deputy Head, School of English, University of Sheffield
Dr Anastassia Loukina DPhil 2008 Regional Phonetic Variation in Modern Greek Now an Associate Research Scientist, ETS
Dr Ekaterina Samoylova DPhil 2007 The Production and Perception of Whispered Vowels in English Now an Administrative Officer at Cambridge University
Dr Nivedita Mani DPhil 2005 Prosody, Syntax and the Lexicon in Parsing Ambiguous Sentences Now head of the Language Acquisition Junior Research Group, University of Göttingen, Germany
Dr Catherine Sangster DPhil 2002 Inter- and intra-speaker variation in Liverpool English: a sociophonetic study Now Head of Pronunciations (Dictionaries), Oxford University Press.
Dr Elinor Keane DPhil 2001 Echo words in Tamil  
Dr Paula West DPhil 2000 Long-distance coarticulatory effects of English /l/ and /r/ Now Chief Technology Officer, Newton Investment Management
Dr Peter Chew DPhil 2000 A Computational Phonology of Russian Now Principal Investigator, Galisteo Consulting Group, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Dr Jana Dankovicova DPhil 1998 The Linguistic Basis of Articulation Rate Variation in Czech Now a Career Consultant for the University of London
Dr Ken Lomax DPhil 1997 The Analysis and Synthesis of the Singing Voice Now Head of Software Development, Hybris, Munich
Dr Chris Wen-Chao Li DPhil 1997 A diachronically-motivated segmental phonology of Mandarin Chinese Now Professor of Linguistics, San Francisco State University.
Dr Jane Stuart-Smith DPhil 1995 The Development of the Indo-European Voiced Aspirates in Italic. A philological and phonetic assessment Now Professor in English Language, School of Critical Studies, University of Glasgow, UK and Director of Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics.
Dr Nicky Woods DPhil 1992 Sociolinguistic patterns in English pitch and Intonation  
Dr John Hajek DPhil 1992 The interrelationship between vowels and nasal consonants: a study in Northern Italian Now Professor in Italian Studies in the School of Languages & Linguistics, University of Melbourne, Australia.
Dr Rosalind Temple MPhil 1988 Sex-specific aspects of the voicing contrast in French stop consonants Now Associate Professor in French Linguistics and Fellow of New College, Oxford.
Ceri Carlill MLitt 1988 Distance metrics for speech spectra - a multidimensional scaling study  
Dr Brian Pickering DPhil 1986 Auditory vowel formant variability Research Professor, IT Innovation, Southampton University
Dr Caroline Henton DPhil 1985 A comparative study of phonetic sex-specific differences across languages Currently Chief Scientist, SpeakSoft Inc, Santa Cruz, U.S.A.
Dr Anthony Bladon DPhil 1985 Auditory Phonetics

Not only a past graduate, Tony was also the first Director of Oxford's Phonetics Laboratory.

Dr Ameen H.A. Al-Bamerni DPhil 1983 "Oral, velic and laryngeal coarticulation across languages." Former Head of the English Department, University of Mosul, Iraq. Deceased 1998.